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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Moving On Stage 9 - Eason's Malaysia Concert

Concert title : Moving On Stage 9
Singer : Eason Chan
Venue : Stadum Merdeka, Malaysia
Date : 14th June 2008
Time : 8.00pm

My sister got two free tickets for this concert and i i got a chance to watch it again. Since i quite broke recently so i dont plan to watch the concert.. So happy when the free ticket come at my hand.. kaka..

The concert start around 8.20pm and finish around at 11.20pm.. the concert took around 3 hours. consider a good concert in term of duration as nowadays concert only spend 2 to 2 1/2 hours..

As usual, Eason's performance is little bit different from others. He really got his own style.. As i'm not really an Eason's fan, most of the song he sang, i really got no idea.. haha.. i bet most of the audience also.. his concert quite a boring one.. due to he will sing his unpopular songs.. Most of singer at concert will sing K-songs.. but he a bit different.. beside that he not talking to audience that much.. less interactive.. he he.. anyway, his singing live is BEST..

At encho part, he changed his T-shirt three times. The 1st is "Same Time Next Year", this means possible another his concert next year.. 2nd is "That's not another" (if not mistaken for this 2nd t-shirt - as i can r'ber).. 3rd is "Always with ME", this means his fan keep beside with him no matter where he is..

(The concert stage & Eason)

(me waiting for the concert to start)

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