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Friday, June 20, 2008


Today 20th June 2008.. a clap hand to MONORAIL (the mou mou chong) as to provide a good frequent train for today.. no HUMAN jammed in the train.. not much sardin in it.. if good i will praise, if not good i will crictics.. he he..

Thumb down for STAR LRT.. a less frequent train.. so many stuck at the station and inside the train already got many human sardine in it.. tup tup !! i arrive at the station a bit early than usual, but the i still miss a train..

anyway.. the performance of the train provide is not consistent one.. so hardly to say one.. today may be a thumb up.. tomolo may be a thumb down.. so hopefully there will be a consistency on it soon..

keep up the good work and throw away all the bad bad thingy..

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