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Monday, June 30, 2008

Al-Nafourah, Le Meridien, Kuala Lumpur

My sister got a complimentary 3 course meal for two person at Al-Nafourah, Le Meridien Hotel.. A middle eastern cruisine restaurant.. the decor got middle east flavor and all the waiter and waitress dress up the punjabi suit.. hehe.. or the middle east traditional cloths..

Wow.. that's great lo.. never been to high class restaurant b4 and this is almost to fine dining restaurant.. especially at hotel.. this is the good chance for me to open my eye.. hehe

3 course meal meaning a starter, main course and a desert plus beverage means coffee or tea.. the set meal cost RM55.00++

The waitress recommend one rice that can eat with the main course.. okie.. y not give it a try.. and we also order two drinks.. just a simple one..

(a started - chicken similar to tuna, apricot juice - small welcome drink, mango chilled juice, lemon chilled juice)

(main course - swordfish)

(Le Meridian rice - curry flavor)

(Desert - choco case with walnut and valinna ice cream)


The service is good.. when the food is serve, the waiter and waitress informed us the food name, bla bla bla.. but non of it i remember.. i just look at the food and its so nice.. okie la.. me 1st time ma.. hehe.. hopefulyl more to come.. definitely will go again if there is more pocket money.. hehe..

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