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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Malacca Food Trip..

Went to Malacca with two colleagues and one sister last weekend (21 - 22 June 2008) for a food trip.. I be waiting the trip so long.. as since eer last i at mlk was almost 4 years back..

We all gather at Sri Petaling Lrt station at 8.30pm.. and start our journey to MLK...

Arrive at MLK around 11.00am.. yuppie yuppie.. my colleague = the driver = also my MMU unimate is a Malaccan. She first drove me to have a look at MMU campus.. wow.. so many changes until i cant recognize.. haha.. We heading to Jonker Street at for our FOOD..

Then we head to CHICKEN BALL RICE.. yummy.. This is the best one that i ever had since i study at MLK few years back.. from a small corner stall where noone known until now everybody queueing up for it... (but hor.. seems the chicken not that nice as b4.. may be get famous liao.. )

The old CHICKEN RICE BALL shop also got many customers waiting as usual.. i just had it there twice only.. seeeee....

Then the CENDOL ICE.. the taste of GULA MELAKA is wow !! the best ever in town.. believe me.. this one is the best best ever.. no other shop is more delicious than this one.. if got got.. let me know.. he he..

then will be the simply nyonya food.. also the famous at Jonker St. but for me just a normal one only.. Nyonya curry noodle, tau gua (seems like rojak - tauhu, fishball, etc), Chicken pong teh rice and cendol ice (this cendol compare to previous one, which one nicer?) This cendol also consider one of the best in Jonker St. and recommended in the tourist booklet.. (but for me just a normal normal de lo)

FULL Stomach so had a litle walk at Jonker St.. the SUN is smilling brightly to us.. huh.. he he..
a) cost around RM700.00 - RM800.00 each
b) giant "terompah" (behind got the mini size)
c) nearby Stayhud..

Since the there a jammed at the town and found quite difficult to get a parking.. we decide to walk to Mahkota Parade there for our next FOOD.. which is non-halal satay (babi)... I never tried it b4.. but my friend say its nice.. so y not gimme it a try.. the sauce got pineapple taste.. different from Malays type of satay sauce...

the same row of this sate shop at melaka raya beside mahkota parade.. there is a goin to open cafe.. the grafiti around the shop very nice.. check it out if happen to bump in at that area..

After that, wander around MP and Dataran Pahlawan (newly open).... then we heading to A.Famosa and St. Paul hill.. before heading for our evening cruise along the MLK river.. also there is a rivoving tower (dunno the correct spelling - sorry) where u can wee the whole melaka town.. worth to have a ride on it la..
Along the cruise.. there are a lots of on-goin developement beside the riverbank.. the guide told us that the state govt want to rebuild the mlk town back to 1910's.. so all the building will remain the same and repaint all the old building.. all the renew, repaint, rebuild back to 1910's will be ready by 2010.. so dont surprise if u bump to MLK again, u are back to 1910's..

Before and after? After and before? which is which? hehe

After the cruise is dinner time liao.. the long waiting SATAY CELUP.. only available at mlk.. since we dont want to drive out our car coz later at nitezz will heading to jonker st.. we just go to the nearest satay celup.. but not the best one coz long queue.. okie la.. just want to had it since 4 years nv had it.. but for sure will be back again in for the BEST satay celup in town...

The nice scene at the river bank nearby the Jonker St. Try to snap a few pictures with reflection at the water.. without the tripod one.. luckily my hand very still still..

At the nite.. the jonker st. is crowded with ppl.. i had my fav (suan pan zhi) which is also the best in town.. hehe..

Walked around mlk town for more than 12 hours.. its time for bed.. he he.. need to go back hotel liao lo.. he he.. TIRED liao lo... morning breakfast at the hotell.. nice heavy breakfast.. one for me and one for my sis.. kaka..

while waiting the breakfast to serve.. snap some funny photos to pass time.. haha...

After breakfast.. heading to Klebang for the beach view.. and stop at Pantai Kundur... The development at Klebang really "Keng".. last time can see the sea (water) when passing by.. now only see the sand.. far far.. away..

Our final lunch at Melaka before heading back to KL.. nyonya food at a restaurant.. quite crowded also.. one of the best known among the ppl.. 4 dishes - kari lemak nenas ikan, rendang ayam, cincaluk telur and one more not in the photo is kangkung belacan..
the fish quite nice but my frenz cooked it b4 substitute with prawn.. far more better.. hehe..

So this is the end of my Malacca food trip this time.. r'ber.. all my comparison is btw now and my 4 years ago experience.. all the review is my own opinion ah..
Anyway.. i will be back to mlk soon.. for my second rounf food trip.. hopefully by this year la.. hehe....

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