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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Petrolquake !!

hmmm.. "China had earthquake, Malaysia got Petrolquake "quoted at Malaysiakini.com

everybody rush to pump for the last RM1.92 per litre since the PM annouce the hike make many places heavy traffic jam. worthy or not for queuing up for so long just to pump for RM10? RM30? or even full tank the most RM80? how much you can save for just one night? you one "hachiooouuuu" already gone la that few RM.. somemore when u queue up.. u are actually wasting you petrol also.. haih.. balik rumah tidur better la..

Reasonable or not.. its depends on many factor.. but yet there are plenty of fact telling us as Malaysian citizen that petrol price shouldn't that high at Malaysia coz we are the petrol producer ma.. and and when petrol increase RM0.78 per litre will other price also go up by RM0.78 per unit? e.g. char koay tiew RM4.50 and now should be RM5.28? if i'm not mistaken, when petrol price increase RM0.30 per litre, everything increase RM0.30 per plate, per bottle, per piece.

ppl are not protest on the HIKE but GOV should think of whether the INCOME level can support the EXPENSES level or not lo.. its totally not match especially the inflation is so high.. at the end, we as a end user suffer only.. those doing big business making more profit.. as we can see every Quarter, profit is increasing.. then y still need to raise the PRICE??

haih.. now i think i need to walk to work.. or at least bicycle.. go back home.. sleep early.. try not to open the light as much.. dont watch TV or DVD so late.. dont 24 hrs on the computer.. dont use AIR CON.. ppl dying in the sleep coz heatiness.. haha..

If the price goes up to RM4, me the first can die.. with this little income.. i really dunno how to survive liao.. somemore need to pay that stupid TAX.. now also almost dying..

"anything i say here only for my own feeling frustration only. i wont take any action on it. sorry if anyone get annoy" from the blog owner.

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