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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dragon i - Pavillion

This is not the 1st time I handover my stomach to Dragon i's chef to satisfy my hunger.. But is the 1st time I left my footprint at Dragon i - Pavillion branch..

I still remember my 1st visit to this restaurant was about 4 years ago at One U's outlet.. really a nice meal i had last time... 1st time had the "Shanghai Siu Long Pao".. so special.. and also the handmade noodle.. so QQ... hehe... so after that, i been visited this restaurant few times if happen to passby...

(Menu - 'RED' favourite color for CHINESE)

(Picture for easy reference)

(Chinese style of chillie sauce)

(Sichuan noodle - if you like peanut then you will like this one)

(Crispy Pork chop)

(Siu Long Pao)

(Steam Pork Rice with egg)

While I dine in and enjoying my meal, i also got time to "kap kap" people around... I notice many "rich woman" and "young guy" enjoying their romantic dinner.. hahaha... so hang fuk ler.. got handsome guy accompany for the dinner.. hahaha.... a lots of couple couple romantic here and there.. hahaha.... the environment very nice.. suitable for anyone to dine in especially family...

Very satisfy and can window shopping at the most expensive shopping in M'sia which is Pavillion.. hahaha...

1 comment:

  1. Heard of this restaurant so many times, but never try before.
    Always wanted to try their siew lung pao, but my dear said very expensive. :(


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