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Friday, November 7, 2008

Petaling Street !!

Petaling Street or Chinatown.. is very crowded place... once upon a time I study my Diploma where the college located at PS Boutique... what is PS Boutique? this is where "we" called Petaling Street.. haha... a bit high class ma...

Today after work, I went to Petaling street to buy something... just shop shop la.. hehe...

(assorted colours of flower - RM6.00)

(siew pao - RM1.50 - very big lo)

(six apples - RM5.00)

McDonald / KFC / Carl's JR / Wendy's / Burger King and so on.. is it much more tasty? of course much more expensive... but but do Ramli's burger is really cannot compete with all those big name in the market?? Personally, I like Ramli's burger more than other any of those big name.. but not all can do good taste Ramli's burger.. orelse some stall use other brand...

The stall located infront of the Watson (ex-Marry Brown Restaurant) at Petaling Street is the nicest among it all... the one i must order is the AYAM SPECIAL.. hehe... so juicy... nice..

(a very delicious Ramli burger - RM3.00 - a must buy when I at Chinatown)

what a nice sneaking time at PS Boutique... hahaha....


  1. It's been a while since I last taste Ramli Burger

  2. wow.. i never tasted ramli burger.. i sked la..scared.. cos one time my fren ate one ramly burger near my area, she diahrea till surname also forgotten..
    but yours look nice..petaling street burgers are different i guess..
    but i think my fren's one.. unlucky only la..perhaps the beef is not properly thawed or maybe sudah infected..


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