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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kampung DaySsSSssss

Balik kampung time... hehe... as usual.. took 7.00pm bus from KL and this time got superman driver.. about 9.15pm arrive at my Kampung.. so dropby the restaurant nearby the bus station for the supper.. hehe.. the foods not that nice compare to my previous visit.. as this time cook by newbie... the boss's son wor.. aiya..

This restaurant just next to Bus Station Gopeng.. namely RESTAURANT KAMTA... this name never change since i'm young but but the boss changing from time to time...

(notice the birdie standing nicely at the top of the lamp and bus?)

this time dont go anywhere, just stay at home and spend time with parent.. accompany them watch TV and chatting all the time... as usual Sunday i took 2.15pm bus from Ipoh to KL.. so mom cooked me a lunch.. so cute the decor and saw my mum first time do it.. snap a photo for the decor.. hahaha....

very nice to be at home... hehe...


  1. its always nice. parents will go all out to make their children happy

  2. Stop at Gopeng or Ipoh?
    Next to Gopeng bus station, I remember there is one restaurant there.

    If my kampung so near. I go back every week! 2.15pm away only!

    I miss home d, 2 weeks din go back liow. I hope this weekend no need to work, I nak balik kampung!

  3. yeah.. parents will happy when children happy..


    what a shame on me.. i'm goin back once a week... i should go back more often...


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