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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

WTF... stupid GxxxxxxxxT !!

Fuel price drop.. PLUS highway give discount... stupid BUS EXPRESS going to increase the price??? really WTF.... what the world is going on now???????

(all the news quoted from THESTAR online..)

When the fuel price increase on June (if not mistaken) all the food and whatever price gone up at least RM0.50... even the bus from IPOH to KL to IPOH already increase in September about RM5.00 due to higher cost incur...

now now now... with the fuel price keep on dropping and subsidy from the stupid GxxxxxxxxT.. still want to increase the bus fare with effect 01/01/2009... FAIR to us as END consumer???? pls wake up Mr. GxxxxxxxxT.. if u want to earn your pcoket money.. pls earn it properly.. dont make ur so called RAKYAT that suffer ok... then piak piak ur butt and MIA..

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  1. I was waiting for the bus company to reduce the bus fare (increased due to the fuel surcharge). Who know yesterday when i went to buy ticket for 5th December, they are all sold out!!!
    'Gek sei' me!


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