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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Subway sandwich !!

Today my sister "belanja" me eat subway sandwich "footlong" somemore.. this is what she had promised me since last month.. hehe...

I'm very tired after a day at sales centre.. handle more customer today.. and my boss came to checked me lo.. see whether i got worked or not.. haha.. me of course very clever de lo.. see him sure "pretend" to be hardworking ma.. haha.. not easy to be at frontline.. only two days.. i feel very tired already... hopefully tomolo will be my last day at sales centre lo...

("footlong" set with chips and drink - RM23.00)

(honey oat bread - very tasty)
(subway melt - with three types of ham)

(two little girls very satisfy with the "footlong")

Being so kiasu, kiasi, kiasa, kiaso, kiase and whatever... the "footlong" just put every single vege and few sauce together... hahaha.. luckly the mixing taste very good.. especially the bread... yummy....


  1. Wah! You can finish 1 foot long of bread? Keng!!!

  2. Long time no eat jor.
    The last time I had it was 2 years ago. Aeroliner served it on the bus when i was traveling from KL to SG.

  3. 1 foot long share btw my sis and me...

    this is the 1st time i had subway.. hehe


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