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Sunday, November 30, 2008

McDonald's Breakfast

A very good morning !! My all time favourite in the McD menu.... really a good start of my day... Its getting popular and popular and high pick and high pick.. even old "po po" also breakfast at McD... especially kids lo..

Premium Roast Coffee.. Its enhance from previous coffee.. the size of the cup also upgrade... unlimited refill....

HASH BROWN - crispy... even though I dont like potato that much.. but this one from McD is the best.. haha..

This is my all time favourite in McD's menu... only available for Breakfast - start from 4am to 11am only... This is special menu.. non of other place can get lo... hehe....

Completed whole nice set of breakfast... start a very good day....


  1. I lovin' it .....wakakkaa!! They didnt ask you " I wanna Move It ! Move it! " meh?

  2. Haven't have McD breakfast set for like 4 years already. Agree on the hash brown.

  3. singapore's mcdonalds breakfast is far better with their menu. can't recall what i have eaten but was surprised with what they can serve


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