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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Saturday !!

Went to visit my auntie 5ive and have a nice few hours at my cousin's house... very nice dont spend time with them already... especially my mum, she miss auntie 5ive very much.. may be i should fetch my mom come back kl visit auntie 5ive...

(my sister very relax while chit chating with others)
(my bro in law playing games with two little newphew)

(my auntie 5ive - very "kurus")

(very nice separation)

Lunch at Dataran Sunway.. very hungry since morning wake up no breakfast... this will be my brunch lo.. hehe.. same to everybody la..

(roasted chicken, char siew and siew yok rice)

(prawn mee - with "har mike")

(YTF chee cheong fun and Hakka Mee)

After lunch back to cousin's house a while for relaxing and continue chit chat while watching gem of life at Astro... watching Mr. Bean with two newphew and "gelak ketawa" hahaha... happy day...

(relaxing after satisfying lunch)

Dinner, my little sister cooked at home... just for two of us.. nice nice.. hehe... just a simple meal only..

(Fried rice and belacan terung)


  1. hmm, what i did on Saturday? I went shopping and had dinner with my family.
    I am looking forward to the next Saturday. huhu :(
    My next Saturday in KL will be on 22nd Nov only.

  2. those 2 with newspapers were ensuring that their faces do not appear in yr blog haha

  3. ooo, wat a relaxing saturday!
    I think better stay at home, haiz, taking ktm to sumwhre else is so so so dangerous.


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