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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

what a day !!!

Today my boss send me to sales centre for training...

Really what a day !! and what a scaring day !! Handle customer is not a problem for me.. but this one really headache.. bla bla bla... i already blur... "apa itu"? code wor... even though i'm can say quite familiar with the system... but towards the code wor.. really make me headache...

I'm there seems like very disturbing to the sales people there lo.. so sorry ah..

gambateh.. i can do it de... tomolo will go disturb them again.. hehehe...


  1. Ganpahteh!
    We 'jia you' together.
    I am also new to my current company.
    Started work here since 14th Nov.

  2. take it easy....u just need more time....it's always a better day tomolo... :)


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