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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Restaurant Wonderland Langkawi

Food at Langkawi.. What you can think of? For me, SEAFOOD !! SEAFOOD !! SEAFOOD !! Secondly will be Malays FOOD !! But seafood can cause you a bomb in pocket if wrongly choose restaurant.. But also depends how fancy the meals you want/need.

Everytime I'm at Langkawi, I definitely will pay a visit to Wonderland Restaurant located at Kuah.. Its offer variety of seafood with affordable price.. But if you need a super fancy menu, this restaurant definitely not your option.. The price clearly stated in the menu so you dont need to worry about the bill.. The boss and the staff will recommend the dishes side according to total people.. So a BIG no worry for it..

Restaurant Wonderland Langkawi
Selamat Datang ke Wonderland Food Store.. LOL !! The best part for this restaurant is, HALAL !! Smart people... Alots foreigner like angmo or China people dine-in here.. Probably because many tour-guide bring their customer to this place.. Remember be there as early as you could as very crowded and many reservation.. The restaurant open at 6.00pm

A hot day at Langkawi.. Beer is a must to cool down.. Importantly, its so damn cheap.. hahahaha !! RM3.50 for this can of beer... Frankly speaking, it is a bit dilute compare the beer at mainland.. Will it be DUTY FREE, less money means less ingredient cause less quality?

Happily waiting the food to serve
Kam Heong Lala - RM12.00 (Small)
 This is my favourite type of lala or clam.. My mother use to buy this type to cook... Normally at seafood restaurant, they will use another type of clam which is harder shell.. Kam Heong - The lemongrass really play an important role.. The smell and taste of the lala is superb awesome.. I dont mine order big for this.. lol.. Importantly, the lala quite fat and big.. great !!

Baby Kailan - RM10.00 (Small)
Basically, in Ipoh or KL, this vergetable call "Choy Tam".. If you eat Hong Kong Kai Lan before, then you should know the different... No comment on this, because every meal should have some vegetable to balance it.. 

Fried Squid - RM10.00 (Small)
Crispy outside, soft and tender inside.. You still can taste the freshness of the squid.. I think the flour they use it own recipe as taste really good.. Not taste like plain flour... Even though the squid a little small.. But still the whole plate is more than enough for 2 people...

Steam Prawn with Egg - RM12.00
 This steam prawn with egg a bit disappointed as its should use white egg only... Then the onion/garlic oil overcover the taste of the egg with prawn.. The best is use white egg only then stem with the prawn without putting any seasoning.. The white egg will absorb the prawn and taste great... 

Even though not the one I taste before, but this one still OK as the prawn very fresh.. The egg also not overcook... 6 - 7 prawns is good enough.. 

Enjoying the food - I'm so hungry
Total bill - RM50.00.. LOL.. ngam ngam.. Actually the dishes we ordered all are small size but enough to cover 3 persons.. Too bad, my sister and I are big eater.. lol... Enjoy !!

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