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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009 !!

Happy New Year !! May everyone will has a great 2009 a head... lively throughout the 365 days of 2009....

I started blogging since May 2008.. I dont have specific what I want to blog as I just throw out everything that I had experience especially with pictures so that when i get old and provided this blog still exist in the Internet.. I can flash it back with my children, grandchildren, so on and so fort.. hahaha... am I think too far???

I still remember the the reason I started blogging. First and foremost, I was influence by my ex-colleague. She started blog few years ago and she is doing quite well... In her blog I got to know this blogging world is growing very fast... Talking about blog - does anyone not aware of it? My intention for blogging is not about making money as others (if can, why not, right?).. But more towards of sharing my life... So that's why my blog's title is not that specific and traffic isn't that huge..

Thanks to all readers.. at least my blog wont that dead...

p/s - yesterday New Year eve, no countdown for me.. no special activities for me.. Just went for a movie "YES MAN" by Jim Carrey.. Its really a comedy man.. the movie is really funny.. Its really a great movie to end my 2008... I think I also want to learn from him - say "YES" to most of the possible things.. hahaha !!! So may be there is good thing happen next... think positively..

I also given a chance to do something GOOD at the end of 2008.. Went I walked down the escalator from Ground Floor to Basement One to pay my parking ticket at the automate machine, I saw a guy (only manage to see his leg but carry a box of things) at the automate machine.. Once i reached the machine, I wanted to insert my own parking card, suddenly there is one parking card came out from the machine... Looked at it carefully, its PAID... wow.. izzit this mean I no need to pay my own?? i can use that to get out from the building...

But i dont have much thought of it.. straight away walked out and (not trying to escape) looked for the possible owner... look right look left.. hmmmm.. dont see anyone whos carry a box.. So I take the escalator and went down to Basement Two... On the way walked to my car.. I saw a couple seems like looking something... a bit doubt on them whether they are looking for the ticket.. suddenly saw the guy running back to the escalator.. I still doubt on them coz I dont see the box which the guy carry.. Importantly I only recognise the box as I didn't manage to see the whole of the guy.. So i dunno what shirt he is wearing...

While still on doubt, I saw the guy running back to the car and open the Bonet.. still looking something and there is a box inside... so I went up and ask whether He lost a ticket and izzit this one?? Straight away he said "YES" and took it from me.. with only a word "THANKS".. and walked to his car and his girl already got in the car... I'm having a mix feeling that time... 1st is disappointed and 2nd happy and bla bla bla.. WHY I disappointed?? Because his "THANKS" doesn't seems really fully thank you that I pass him back the ticket.. i dont think many people will do this returning lo... He should really relieve coz he save RM35.00 for the lost ticket.. 2nd happy because I'm doing good... i'm a good people anyway..


  1. I blog for monetary reason also. But nowadays I think I share most of my experiences with my readers.

    Keep it up

  2. I will always support u!
    Blog more!

  3. Young ppl always have a more enjoyable life especially on festive days.....very good.

    a New Year tag to u....



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