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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Photo - shop !!

This is my 1st DONE work using PHOTOSHOP !~!!!..

Heard a lots about editing picture using "this" and "that" program.. especially when saw other people picture is well edit.. I also feel my picture deserve being dress-well also... But learning PHOTOSHOP.. not an easy task... self-learn? or pay $$ and take course? of course learn from somebody is faster and easier.. But dont feel like want to take course with so expensive feess... so final choice will be self-learning...

In this great IT world.. just type a name and everything will pop-out in a pages.. that's so easy... but but QUESTION is... does all the source really reliable? I just bang the wall here and there... and just a DAY.. i learn one of the tactic..

Phew !! not and easy learning.. this PHOTOSHOP so complicated.. and for a beginner like me.. a real good tutorial is needed.... thanks to all the source... after so many error and mistake.. finally my 1st end work already done... I love it so much... hehehe...

(Original picture)

(Editted picture with outstanding blue tee)

Satisfy with my 1st work? I satisfy.. at least i also know a simple trick.. hahaha.... gambateh.. hopefully there will be 2nd trick coming soon.. !~~!!!!


  1. I never know how to edit photo. Nice one. Are those your clothes? Ha... Ha...

  2. I wish to have photoshop as well.
    But I am using company's laptop, everything installed must be ORIGINAL.
    No pirated software!!!

    I want photoshop!!!

  3. eh gambateh!!

    I learn photoshop by borrowing books from library!

    Its vvvv useful1

  4. i'm still raw with photoshop. must learn one day

  5. ahha..not bad. there are a lot of tutorials online, can try out. hehe...i also self learn photoshop, very interesting. photoshop can be used to design as well besides editing photos. all the best.


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