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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

This is the first time trekking at FRIM... and met up a funny new gang of people consists of 12 "olang"... really had a great time with them...

Arrive at FRIM about 9.00am... already found out a lots of joggers / trekkers / climbers / bikers around.... Really out of my surprise that this FRIM quite a popular place for natural and photographing lover... And this "FOREST" really big.... there are a lots of "TRAIL" for people like me to explore.. people like me is who?? "FIRST TIMER" lo...

Gathered around and while waiting for the guide (FRIM's staff)... our trekking journey start about 9.30am.. why do we need a guide? Since FRIM is a research institute, so the forest has many many different kind of trees or some other "things" that we don't know... A guide's task is to introduce and explain the forest to us... thanks to En. Wan... The journey ended 1.30pm...

Entrance Fee - RM1.00
Parking Fee - RM5.00
Canopy Fee - RM5.00
Guide Fee - RM80.00 (depends)

If you wish to save $, you can park outside and walk into FRIM.. so the parking will be FOC lo.. hehehe... Since this is first time and we dont know exactly how the FRIM is, we all parking inside lo... The most exciting part is the Canopy... no need go till Taman Negara also can experience the CANOPY WALK... 250 or 300 metres long and 30 metres heights... I been to Taman Negara - so the FRIM's one is "sap sap water".. hahaha

(unknown big fish)

(jogging park)

(what is that? a bird? a plane? its a tree)

Why everyone look up?? what so nice to see until snapping people?? hahaha.... actually is a Treess... planted many many many many many x 10 years ago... by unknown "QUEEN"... what so special? I also not sure.. check it out at below picture...

(very big tree)

Start our journey at one of the TRAIL... very excited... saw few nice floras... by the way flora is "tumbuhan" right?? and we also saw some fauna... haha... so many leeches around lo.. aiyooo... all my frenz jumping ups and downs to avoid those leeches.. so geli lar.... too many until i also no feel towards it already.. luckily those leeches not interested at me... one lucky thing also on me that i wear long pant because those mosquito too too too hungry already... wow...

(Jungle Track)

(Spotted two types of wild mushroom)

(elephant trunk tree)

(Love Leave - where is my LOVE??)

(the beauty of nature)

(Tarzan's root)

While trekking and enjoying the nature... I'm quite busy to practise my photography skill.. I'm not PRO but just like to snapping picture... using just a normal "dummy camera" .. nothing much function or skill can be test.. so just play around lo.... the below pictures took at the same place but with two different functions... ONE is using "auto" and SECOND is using "evergreen".. which one you prefer? no need using PHOTOSHOP to edit, nowadays camera can so some simple magic... hehehe...

(Trekking Track)

Finally the CANOPY... the most interesting and be-waiting part.. hehe.... but RM5.00 consider OK or expensive ah?.. anyway, maintenance also will cost a lots.. not easy to build it and maintain it... I THINK SO....

Let's protect nature... dont spoilt it for our better future.. yeah... PEACE WORLD.. !!!


  1. When I went there 2 months ago, the canopy was closed.

    The abalone, I also donno how to cook. I know how to eat only. Maybe can find recipe online. Ur mom is rite, eat in restaurant better...

  2. woww...so nice place yea ! next time i wanna join together ~ hhehhee

  3. interesting. the pictures make me want to go there too. i think i better do before the environment go extinct!

  4. I love jungle trekking. How long is the whole journey? One should not walk so closely at the suspension bridge. Best about 1-2m apart. Just went to jungle trek at Batang Ai Resort last month. Also had this suspension bridge

  5. The "unknown big fish" is called Arapaima, from Latin America. It can grow up to 10 feet or more. The pond is not a good place for dipping tired feet :-)

  6. Unknown big fish eh? That's what they call Ikan Hantu ;)


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