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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Tai Shu Geok - Big Tree - Ipoh

While hang around at "Bah Loh" last weekend... keep on thinking and thinking the "mix fruit ice" and "red bean ice" so badly... so since I need to touring my Johorian frenz at "Yee Pou".. So I decide to have a little snack time at "Tai Shu Geok"..

This is my 2nd visit at this little hidden place... 1st visit was brought by my bro-in-law... thanks to him.... hehehe... Actually there are few stalls setup at this few BID TREES... so the place quite heaty during sunny and quite cooling during non-sunny day.. but definitely not recommended to dine in during rainy day... hehehe

This is the most famous two drinks... of course there also available others choice but this are the popular one la.. the mix fruits consist of pineapple, watermelon, papaya, mango, so on.. the water is lycee blended... nice nice...

I'm grew up eating "Young Liew" or KL people call it "Yong Tau Foo"... almost majority of my kampung stalls also sell this assorted "yong liew".. so its not a big deal for me as people shout about the AMPANG, Kl one.. as my favourite always my KAMPUNG de.. even my mom also DIY "yong liew" lo.. very expert also.. hehe...

This "Tai Shu Geok" very famous of the "yong liew".. this particular stall is most popular.. its very fresh as the people keep on ordering and the staff keep on cooking for it... so its fresh and hot from the "wok"...


  1. The drinks definitely look tempting

  2. I like the yong liew. I like 'Lai Fun'. And guess what? They sell 'Lai Fun' kosong, means only the 'lai fun' and soup. And it costs less than RM1 per bowl. Am i rite?

  3. Ice on a warm day will be great!

  4. apparently, good food are found in weird places

  5. Aiyo, you made me feel hungry early in the morning.. haha


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