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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Banned COKE [coca cola]

What had happen? Actually I didn't read that much of this news.. Just open the MSN and suddenly saw a news at the news live feed.... M'sian called to ban COKE???? hmmmm......

I'm a COKE collector.. so i'm fanatic about it... Banned ah?? I'm not much effect la.. coz i'm not drinking it.. its too sweet for me.... but as a collector.. I feel sad lo.... haihzz... if really banned then i wont see COKE at m'sia jor.. how ah? cannot de wor...

If not mistaken, the intention is to boycott USA about [sth].. but that [sth] i'm not sure what la... doesn't matter la.. coz whatever m'sia do also... i dont think can effect USA that much la... plus big country like them also wont "pandang" at us la... what a childish move on that..

(source quoted : MSN)


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