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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kuuiiih Kaaa Pit !!

Once a year... just for Chinese New Year !! specially for this special festive....

Back to hometown for this special Bakery Day !!.. Kuih Kapit !! yeah yeah... Only can taste it once a year... why?? why only once a year?? I think similar to Mooncake concept lo... nobody eat Mooncake in normal day except during that festive season lo..

Its not that easy to do this Kuih Kapit lo... very hot... homemade forever is the best.... suffer a bit also nevermind la... anyway.. only just once a year.. !!

Anyone want some?? hahaha !!


  1. There is a town in Sarawak called Kapit too. Quite surprise to see a kuih named like this

  2. I wan! I wan! hahahhaha
    when i small always helping my mom make kuih kaa pit during cny...now seldom after i married...no helper for her somemore so tired sit infront of the fire...

  3. I love them(^^)
    Hahaha, happy Chinese New Year(^^)!

  4. u only taste it? didnt help to make any?


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