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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Penang Village - Times Square (Closed)

So rush and nothing can think about to eat.... so try out this new restaurant at BTS and I never been b4... I think after this 1st visit... no more second for me.. hahaha... a bit PRICEY for my level...

(Pumpkin Fried Rice - two big prawns)

(Special Fried Rice)

(Lemon Tea and Soya Cendol)

Total billl RM40++ de lo... aiyooo... not so "sedap" but expensive...


  1. pumpkin rice?? what is tht taste? special fried rice plate so big leh...like ship hahhahaha

  2. Penang Village is definitely overrated, with the rest of the kopitiams.

  3. wah......so expensive ar??????? i like the Pumpkin Fried Rice - two big prawns

  4. Yup, too expensive oready!> haha, but , it is still a good experience!

  5. i agree with u on their pricing. simple bowl of mee cost nearly rm20

  6. this is my 1st time and should be my last visit also.. hahaha.....

    the menu also not much choices la...

    yup... one bowl almost cost that much....

  7. Penang Times Square sure expensive.. but if it is nice, then ok.. i never been there yet.. must go one day.. so u r from Penang? i love to go pg.. at least once a month, i will be there.. eating and eating.. till midnite..haha..


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