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Monday, January 5, 2009

Nice gathering !!

Y'day went a gathering with a bunch of "NICE" people.. can I mention you all here?? (Mandy, Thomas, Catherine, Cat's bf, Jiin, Anthony)...

Even though this is the 3rd time gathering, but all so talkative till like never ending... hahaha... I still remember our 1st, sp3nd a lunch time at a CAFE.. for almost 4 hours until the boss show face already.. hahaha... This time lagi "keng"... almost 5 hours and until the waitress give us the bill to signal us "wei wei wei.. you all already very long here.. nothing to order then faster go la".. hahaha.. i just sense this is the signal from the waitress lo... hahaha.... GANG.. next time we better watch our time lo.. dont everytime also chase by ppl lo.. so paiseh lo.. hahaha... or else.. gathering at one of the house.. so can party until wee hours.. hahaha

hmmm.... Mandy.. the "PLAN" quite nice.. hope you earn something great for it.. if not cost that much.. I can consider de.. hehehe... its quite attractive also.. Cat ah Cat.. why never intro your "HONEY" to me?? aiyooo.... apa nama dia?? LOL.... Anthony... you are really "FUNNY".. really different from the 1st time I saw you... may be new year new beginning.. hahaha !!.. Jiin.. dont diet jor.. eat more to avoid "WIND" blowing up you lo... hahaha

anyway... nice meet up....


  1. more food photos pls. i m hungry!!!!

  2. Wow! I never sat in cafe for so long

  3. hahhahahah we are super 'geng'...5 hrs chit chat nonstop...hahahha so scary! next time ask jin can do at her house, then we can bbq her doggie...ahhahahahhaa me now waiting my house completement...next round must gathering at my house...over night also can...hahhaha

  4. jiin:mandy ah mandy,u want to bbq my dog huh?? later i bbq ur hamster hahaha....that time u dont blame me hahahaha

    joan - u another ask me dont diet huh?? me where got diet wor....wind will not blow me up la...hahahaa

  5. jin~ i think i wanna blow u like blow balloon leh....blow u become more bigger hahhahahhaha


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