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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Chatime Taiwanese Bubble Tea - BTS

Its my second Chatime with same choice of beverages.... Its one of the top five...

Honey Lemon Aloe Vera !!

Its real aloe vera.. nice nice...

So so many choices, how to choose?
For first timer, opt for their top five or Pearl Milk Tea

You can choose your sugar level, very depends ur own sweetness... There is a lots add ons like Coffee Jelly, Pearl, Aloe Vera and etc... So choose wisely.. OK...

After ordering, you wait for your number.. Its like queue at BANK... So you can go far far away, as long as your eye still can look at the numbering screen...


  1. i tried my 1st too~
    nt bad, but a bit expensive~

  2. I like chatime too. I like to slowly drink and enjoy it but my BF wont let me bring it into the car so consequently I never get it :(


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